Valentine’s cocktail: Sloe Kiss

Sloe Kiss cocktail

Bartender Emma McNicholas revisits one of her favourite Valentine’s cocktails, the Sloe Kiss. Originally named the Bond Girl, Emma’s cocktail is a twist on James Bond’s classic Vesper Martini – swapping regular gin for sloe gin and Lillet Blanc vermouth for Martini Rosso. Because we could all do with feeling like a Hollywood heartthrob every now and then…

You’ll need: a Japanese mixing glass, a bar spoon, a Hawthorn strainer, a fine strainer and a Nick ‘n’ Nora (or Martini) glass.


25ml Plymouth Sloe Gin
25ml Absolut Vodka
5ml Martini Rosso
Garnish: lemon twist


– Add all of the ingredients to a Japanese mixing glass
– Fill half way with ice and stir for two minutes
– Double strain into a chilled Nick ‘n’ Nora glass