Triple Berry mocktail recipe

Triple Berry mocktail recipe

For those not drinking alcohol during the festive season, Bartender Joe Ashworth has created the perfect mocktail, the Triple Berry.

You’ll need a 12oz highball glass and a muddler.


2 blackberries
3 raspberries
3 blueberries
Juice of half a lemon
5ml agave syrup
sprig of mint
lemonade or tonic
garnish: one of each berry, icing sugar


– In a 12oz highball glass, add the berries and muddle
– Add the lemon and the agave syrup.
– Add crushed ice (fill to three quarters of the way up) and a sprig of mint (to release the mint’s oils, place the sprig in one hand and gently smack it with the other)
– Top with lemonade or tonic
– Garnish with the three berries and a dusting of icing sugar