Mocktail recipe: Virgin Blueberry Mojito

Virgin Blueberry Mojito recipe

This month’s mocktail recipe comes from Bartender Kelsie Marshall. Her Virgin Blueberry Mojito was a runner up in our January mocktail competition and will soon become a permanent feature on the Chapter House menu.

You’ll need a 12oz highball glass and a muddler.


5 blueberries
6 mint leaves
Dash of sugar syrup
50ml pressed apple juice
Soda water
Garnish: mint sprig


– Add the berries and mint leaves to the highball glass and muddle (enough to just bruise the mint leaves)
– Then add the apple juice and a dash of sugar syrup
– Fill the glass with crushed ice (about three quarters of the way up) and top with soda water
– Garnish with a sprig of mint