Mocktail recipe: Strawberry and Mint Fizz

Strawberry and Mint Fizz

Bartender Rob Willis shares his recipe for an end of summer mocktail, the Strawberry and Mint Fizz.

You’ll need a bar spoon and a highball glass.


12.5ml elderflower cordial
3 strawberries, cut lengthways
10 mint leaves
Soda water
25ml cranberry juice
Garnish: strawberry, sprig of mint


– Add the elderflower cordial, cut strawberries and mint leaves (slap between your hands to release the oils) to a highball glass and stir.
– Fill three quarters of the way with cubed ice, then fill half way up with soda.
– Cap with a little crushed ice, drizzle over the cranberry juice and garnish with a strawberry and a sprig of mint