Cocktail of the month: Spring Fling

Spring Fling cocktail

While we’re waiting for the spring to arrive, Bartender Rhiannon Corlett gives us a taste of the Mediterranean.

You’ll need: a Boston shaker, a muddler, a Hawthorn strainer and a wine glass.


Slice of pink grapefruit
25ml Gin Mare
20ml peach schnapps
12.5ml lychee liqueur
Few dashes of grenadine
20ml orange juice
Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic
Garnish: slice of pink grapefruit


– Chill a wine glass with crushed ice
– In a Boston shaker, muddle the grapefruit slice
– Add the gin, peach schnapps, lychee liqueur, grenadine and orange juice. Shake with cubed ice
– Discard the crushed ice in the wine glass and add some cubed ice
– Strain the cocktail into the glass and top with tonic
– Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit