Cocktail of the month: Edgerton gin sour

Edgerton Gin Sour

For those who aren’t taking part in Dry January, this month’s cocktail – the Edgerton Gin Sour – comes from Bartender Joe Ashworth. A drink that goes as far back as 1898, the gin sour is a lighter take on the more traditional whisky sour, and here we’re using Edgerton Pink Gin – which features 15 botanicals such as pomegranate, damiana and savory.

You’ll need a Boston shaker, a strainer and a rocks glass.


3 strawberries
20ml Absolut vodka
25ml Disaronno
10ml vanilla syrup
1 egg white
Garnish: viola flower


– Chilled a coupe glass with crushed
– To a Boston shaker, add the gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white, then shake
– Now top with ice and shake again
– Single strain into the rocks glass
– Garnish with cocktail cherries and a lemon twist