Cocktail of the month: Cherry Bakewell

Cherry Bakewell

Bartender Harry Jackson was rather partial to a classic cherry Bakewell as a child and so he took a nostalgic trip down memory lane to recreate it as a cocktail. Of course, he consumed many a Bakewell in the name of research…

You’ll need: Boston shaker, Hawthorne strainer, rock glass


35ml Disaronno
15ml Cherry Heering
25ml cranberry juice
25ml apple juice
Dash vanilla syrup
1 egg white
Garnish: glacé cherry


– Chill a rocks glass with crushed ice
– Add all of the ingredients to a Boston shaker and dry shake for 10 seconds
– Add cubed ice to the tin and shake again until the tin frosts over
– Discard the crushed ice in the glass, fill with cubed ice and strain the cocktail
– Wait until settled and then garnish with a glacé cherry