Cocktail of the month: Black Forest Gateau

Black Forest cocktail recipe

Sam Claridge puts a spin on the much maligned 1970s classic by turning it into a cocktail. The addition of lemon juice lifts the drink, meaning it’s not just for those with a sweet tooth.

You’ll need: a Boston shaker, a bar spoon, a Hawthorne strainer, a fine strainer and a coupe glass.


1 egg, white only
25ml Martell VSOP Cognac
25ml Cherry Heering
12.5ml Frangelico
12.5ml chocolate syrup
Half a lemon, juice only


– Chill the coupe glass
– Add the egg white, cognac, Cherry Heering, Frangelico, chocolate syrup and lemon juice to the shaker
– Add some cubed ice and then shake until the tin frosts over. Double strain the contents into the glass part of the shaker, and then shake again vigorously without the ice (this is called a reverse dry shake and helps fully incorporate the egg white, giving a foamier consistency)
– Pour into the glass