Christmas mocktail: Winter Snap

Winter Snap mocktail

If you’re abstaining this festive season or you fancy a break between the Christmas cocktails, Bartender Emma McNicholas has put together a seasonal sipper that’s alcohol free.

You’ll need: a Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer and a rocks glass.


50ml Amoretti milk chocolate syrup
25ml double cream
25ml full fat milk
25ml gingerbread syrup
Garnish: gingerbread biscuit


– Chill the glass with crushed ice
– Add all of the ingredients to the shaker and fill with cubed ice. Gently roll rather than shake, until the tin frosts over
– Discard the crushed ice in the glass, then add a few ice cubes and strain over the cocktail
– Garnish with a gingerbread biscuit