Christmas cocktail: Baileys Chocolate Orange

Baileys Chocolate Orange

If there’s no Baileys, is it even Christmas? Bartender Luke Anderson pairs this festive stalwart with another—chocolate orange—for his contribution to our festive cocktail list.

You’ll need: a Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, a fine strainer, a muddler and a brandy glass.


20ml chocolate syrup
25ml Baileys
25ml Grand Marnier
2 orange wedges
Garnish: cocoa powder and an orange twist


– Place some cocoa powder on a side plate. Run one of the orange wedges around the rim of the glass to wet it, the coat with the cocoa powder
– Add both orange wedges to the shaker and muddle (lightly crush)
– Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker with some cubed iced and shake until the tin frosts over
– Double strain the cocktail into the brandy glass over cubed ice
– Garnish with an orange twist